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Listen to the birds for they teach you to sing. Listen to the waves and the...

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Beyonce – God Bless The USA Piano Instrumental/Karaoke
  • Beyonce – God Bless The USA Piano Instrumental/Karaoke

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 Thank you for the great pic @marisamorazzini! :)  Getting ready for a royal photo shoot with horses! Behind the scenes at @houseofwinter  OFFICIALLY MARRIED! Love this snap from our wedding ceremony. So much joy and hilarity. I love this man so very much. #Steinsworth  Barrett and I got our marriage license today and Tami of @houseofwinter is marrying us!  Joe's Crab Shack with my @hithereimbear
 Feelin' crazy!  Thank you for sharing this perfect pic Linds! #wedding  The man I love more than life itself. He is mine always and forever. So very grateful. I'M GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING! @houseofwinter  Engaged to my best friend and love. It's hard to describe the joy I feel inside. #myprincehascome  Behind the scenes at @houseofwinter for a last minute shoot. @hithereimbear and Tami made beautiful things tonight. #model #modeling #winter #dark #night #photo #bts