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Listen to the birds for they teach you to sing. Listen to the waves and the...

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Beyonce – God Bless The USA Piano Instrumental/Karaoke
  • Beyonce – God Bless The USA Piano Instrumental/Karaoke

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 Donner Lake with my love for the first race in the Tahoe Cup Paddleboard Race Series! #tahoecup  Happy 25th anniversary Mom and Dad!  Crazy yard work hair. It's beautiful and bright outside!  Hope you're having an amazing Monday!  Singing at the start of this past weekend's @komensacramento Race for the Cure!
 Love this coffee shop  So proud of my brother. He's graduating high school this next week. Looking forward to seeing what he pursues in life- he is talented, smart and kind. I need to get him into modeling!  Today's project. Driving a 26' footer from San Jose to Sacramento. House of Winter is moving on down its list of renovation phases!  My Uncle's '56 is so pretty!  Beautiful day.