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Love Me Down Chords by Britney Spears

I downloaded Britney Spear’s new album Glory, and I love it. Love Me...

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Beyonce – God Bless The USA Piano Instrumental/Karaoke
  • Beyonce – God Bless The USA Piano Instrumental/Karaoke

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 Cute little fishy at the @aquariumpacific  Made it to Solvang. I've wanted to come back since I last visited 15 years ago!  My music video cover of #WickedGame is now available on YouTube! Link in bio. Thank you @houseofwinter for an amazing cover shot! #chrisisaak  Pretty in pink. Photography, styling, makeup and wardrobe by @houseofwinter. #fashion #makeup #photography #spring #pink  I was overwhelmed with emotion today while working in the garden. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I'm extremely hard on myself. Especially internally. Always that little voice saying I haven't done enough, right, or well. But today was different. Today I am proud. It amazes me how making the conscious choice to change a single habit, can change a life. Five months ago I made the effort and choice to stop smoking cold turkey, and use that energy and time for something meaningful in my life. Every day since, I've put away the money I would have spent on cigarettes in an investment account to remind my of my commitment, and spend on average an hour a day in the garden. Easily what I would have spent each day smoking a pack of cigarettes. Now, five months down the road, I'm seeing the immense benefits. Health. Energy. Savings. Adding to the earth and its sweet little creatures, instead of hurting and polluting. I'm grateful to be walking down this path, and ever grateful for the support of my family here at House of Winter. Barrett, Tami and Kathryn. Working harder each day to become the man I always knew I was meant to be, and trying to remember to keep telling the boy inside he can do it. #garden #gardening
 The last set of new flowers to bloom in the garden.  Little pink hollyhocks. #garden #summer #pink #flowers #hollyhock  Cloudy weather vibes. #zinnia #flower #summer #clouds #photography  The orange nomad down by the river. Styling, photography, makeup and concept by @houseofwinter. #summer #river #orange #modeling #photography #fantasy  A special little moment with the clouds today. #sunflower #sunflowers #clouds #summer #summerfun #flowers #garden